Ncrdible's Kreesha Turners Gains Second Life

Ncredible's own Kreesha Turner has come to an evolution that was inevitable. From her squeaky cookie cutter previous image to her currently more edgy, dancehall-tinged self. She talked to Noisey on why her second life is most definitely far more freeing. Here's a snippet: How do you think this new route will be more successful than your career as a pop artist? Relation. As far as the people that I want to connect with and reach, I feel like our age group and our society, everybody is a mixture of so many things, especially here in Toronto. Same goes for New York, I just did a showcase with Hot 97 and there’s a couple of pools of people that I definitely felt would gravitate to it and find something nostalgic when they heard it. And I understand that it’s a very niche sound so you’re either gonna like it or not, but at the same time, I’m making it for the people that are going to like it. That’s what we do. We know not everyone is going to like our music. Even though we are not doing pop, which has a little bit more broader of an audience, I find something so much more satisfying with what we are doing now because it’s a smaller group of people but a stronger connection. Check out the full article here