"Neon Aliens Ate My Homework & Other Poems" Out Now

Just in time for National Poetry Month, Nick and Scholastic have teamed back up to inspire the next generation of thinkers and writers.Nick who released the holiday children's book Roc and Roe's Twelve Days of Christmas starring his twin children last year continues his author journey with his latest, Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems.The book combines the worlds of poetry and hip-hop, two mediums that are deeply woven into the entrepretainer that Nick has become. These two mediums have shaped Nick into the prolific artist he is today.Each funny, gross, wacky, or thought-provoking poem in this collection is illustrated by one of six incredible street artists who have shown his or her work around the world. There are even four illustrations by Nick himself.Check out a sneak peek of the book below. The book is available for purchase from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.[[{"fid":"941","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Nick Cannon Neon Aliens Ate My Homework Excerpt","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","link_text":null,"attributes":{"alt":"Nick Cannon Neon Aliens Ate My Homework Book Cover","height":2558,"width":4050,"style":"height: 316px; width: 500px;","class":"media-element file-default"}}]]